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Finding Essential Behavioral Health Treatment Services

Coping with substance abuse, addiction, and/or mental health problems can feel like an uphill battle. In addition to the physical, mental, and emotional challenges you face, these issues often entail a certain level of stigma that can make it difficult to ask for help.

However, individuals looking to curb substance use/abuse and/or address mental health concerns have options, and the process starts with finding a suitable treatment facility. Unfortunately, this may not be as easy as conducting a Google search. You need a reputable facility that is qualified to offer specific treatment services. What types of facilities should you look for?

Suitable options for mental health facilities include:
  • Facilities with appropriate accreditation, licensure, or approvals (at the provincial, territorial, or national level) to provide substance use/abuse treatment
  • Facilities maintaining staff with the credentials required to provide substance use/abuse treatment
How can you find these specialized treatment facilities? How can you be sure the facilities you find have the proper qualifications to offer the behavioral health treatment services you need? One option is to consult the website of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, which has published a web page that describes the process of finding and undergoing treatment for drug addiction. This web page includes links to various treatment services, including Adis 24/7 Alcohol and Drug Support (Qld), Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) NSW, and Bendigo Community Health Services.